How To Get Football Autographs In The Post.

However, this can be difficult if for example they live in a different country or if they dont make many public appearances. Remember the key is to make it as easy as possible for them to send the autograph!

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(1) fastest update, instant scores, comprehensive, … However, if your handwriting is messy or illegible then dont worry, a typed out letter will be fine.

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You should not take advantage of the kindness of the celebrity by asking for more than 3 autographs for your friends and family.

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You want to make it as easy as possible for the celebrity to give you an autograph and you can do this by sending a photograph of them that you want signing. But if you do need a little extra help starting or adding to your collection then why not have a look on Genuine Memorabilias website. They boast a vast collection of 100% genuine memorabilia so you are bound to find something of interest! Click here for more information!

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You should try and keep the letter as short as possible so as not to bore the reader. Also, if you have taken the photo yourself it makes the request a bit more personal and likely to be greatly appreciated by the player. Rea …

To make it even easier for the player to send you their autograph then make sure that you send an appropriate self addressed stamped envelope. Here are a few tips to ensure that you get that much-wanted football autograph every time!

The best way to make your letter stand out is to make it personal.

By: Suzlar

The best way to get your favourite footballers autograph is to ask for it in person, at least that way you can know for certain that it is authentic. A famous player will be inundated with fan mail and requests for autographs so it is important to make sure that your request stands out. A short but polite letter about how much of a fan of their work you are or a comment about the effect theyve had on your life/career will be sufficient. Keep it to the point as well. The better the condition of the signed photo the more it is likely to be worth so this is a good step to take. You can do this by handwriting it as this will make it look more genuine and as if you have put a lot of effort in. Tags: Speak BolaDeer Blinds Online: Make Hunting A Fun Activity! By: GLF – Buying the deer blinds online is a simple process. McGuire – Would you like to read the latest match reports considering FC Pune City!

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If you follow these simple steps you should have no problem getting your favourite football players autograph. This way the player doesnt have to worry about copying out your address or even paying for the postage. If you do decide to send a photograph to be signed then it might be an idea to place the photo between two stiff pieces of card to ensure that it travels safely in the post. It’s not hard to learn, and with practice you can become good at it quickly. But choosing the right rifle is an essential step. One or two is fine but anymore than this and you are likely to receive none at all! The celebrity wont want to spend too much time reading your letter or signing all your 20 autographs so dont take advantage. Tags: golf push cart, push cartWhere To Receive The Latest Match Report From Pune City Fc? By: Katy M. Tags: deer blinds onlineSmart Ways To Find Outdoors Gear For Your Needs By: GoodContent – ALL YOUR SPORTING GOODS YOU’LL EVER NEED IN ONE EASY STOPTags: SPORTS, JERSEYS, EQUIPMENT, OUTDOORS, RECREATIONTips That Will Help You Become A Better Golfer By: Peggy Hutchison –

If you like to play athletic games to bond with family or to relate to your co-workers, consider playing golf. The next best way to get your favourite players autograph is to write to them. Just imagine the amount of requests they get everyday!

Phil Taylor’s 5 Best Tips For Playing Darts – Throw Darts Like The Power

Most darts are around 5-6 inches long.

5.What is the metal framework on the face of the board called?

This animation courtesy of SitePeople shows the perfect arm position and throw for darts :

The key science to the darts throw – Slow backward move.Accelerate towards the target.Let the arm fully follow through.

5 Quick Darts Facts You May Not Know :

A spider.. On most good boards, the spider is removable. 5’8′ (173 centimetres).

4.What is the maximum allowable length for a dart?

12 inches.. Because the numbers are attached to the spider, this allows the board to be rotated so that the board’s life can be extended.

1. Supposedly based on the typical price of lodgings in an old English hostelry- 2 shillings and 6 pence. How to aim your dart – Phil Taylor lines every part of his body to the target “Imagine there is a chalk line from your target running down the wall and across the floor, you should stand in a position were the line would run directly to the center of your body” he continues “Aim the dart like a gun from the center of your body”.

2.What name, from the Old French for ‘cut a deep notch in’, is used for the throwing line?

Oche. the double one.. A Shanghai is a triple, double and single of the same number, Three in a Bed is all 3 darts in the same number, and Madhouse refers to that most frustrating of finishes.. What height is the centre of the board from the floor on a properly mounted dart-board?

How To Stand Playing Darts – Phil Taylor like most professional darts players stands with his leading foot turned sideways to the oche (Oche is the term used for the line you throw from).With your foot turned sideways lean slightly forward, do not lean too far forward and sacrifice balance for being a few inches closer to the dart board.Make sure your steady and comfortable and keep your body as still as possable.

Handle the pressure – Once you have your throw you now have to put it to the test.Pressure can cause you to throw faster and loose rhythm or shake and and loose grip both resulting in more holes in the wall than in the dart board.

Bed and Breakfast.. Another school of thought says that ‘oche’ is a Cockney corruption of the word ‘hockey’.

Other key elements in the dart throw include rhythm, posture, equipment and a cool darts nickname is vital in making yourself a better darts player.

3.What special name is given to a score of 26, comprising of a 20,5 and 1?

Whith these tips and a few hours practice you cab start your quest to The PDC World Championship !

Phil Taylor is the 15 times world darts champion and regarded as the greatest player ever to play darts.Phil like every professional darts player has his own unique way of throwing darts.Phil admits “There is no right way to throw darts and no wrong way to throw darts” but he continues “There are a few key elements every great dart player shares” these elements include stance, grip, aim, and release.

Pick an awesome darts nickname – Picking a cool nickname is of course a huge part of being a better dart player – Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor – Adrian ‘Jackpot’ Lewis – are both good examples, Phil ‘Looser’ Taylor probably wouldnt have have had as much success.

Now you have the tips of the 15 times champion of the world but lets look at the Preferred throw from the people who bring science to sport.

Find The Right Darts – Finding the darts that suit you and your style is the first tip.This includes the weight of the dart and the lenght, design and grip.Most professional darts players use light darts usually 20 gramme and under, Dennis Precisely uses darts as light as 16 gramme but strangely Phil Taylor uses 26 gramme darts.Trial and error are needed to fint the perfect darts for you.

68 inches.

How to Calculate and Convert Odds

For example using -220 as an example:

+650 would return winnings of 650 with an initial stake of 100.

More complex examples however aren’t nearly so easy to calculate, particularly if the stake is different to the number expressed in the odds and won’t divide evenly

American odds are perhaps the most complicated of the three systems to understand and are based on how much one would have to stake in order to achieve a return of 100. American odds are expressed with a + or – in front of them are are shown in units of ten.

100 divided by 220 = 0.45 0.45 + 1 = 1.45

10/3 10+3=13 13 divided by 3 = 4.33

Basic Factor

Perhaps the easiest way of calculating fractional odds if you aren’t used to them is to convert them into decimal odds instead.

2 (stake) x 4.5 (odds) = 9 (total return)

A plus sign in front of an odd represents how much a stake of 100 would return, so for example:

Fractional, Decimal and American odds

Depending on where you are geographically, odds can be expressed in any one of three ways, each very different from the others. That being the case converting the fraction into a decimal is generally the easiest way of calculating it (see below).

Decimal odds are the easiest and simplest odds to calculate due to the fact that they are simply multiplied by the stake to give total returns. So for example odds of +550 would look like this:

Converting American odds to decimals

Although a little more complicated, American odds can also be converted to decimal odds fairly easily, making them much easier to calculate.

In order to do this simply add the two figures of the fraction together and divide by the right hand number. For example decimal odds of 4.5 and a stake of 2 would be expressed as follows:

A minus sign represents how much would need to be staked in order return winnings of 100. So for example -220 would mean that 220 would need to be staked in order to return winnings of 100.

For example 10/1 would mean that a stake of 1 would yield winnings of 10, for a total return of 11 including the original stake.

+550 + 100 =650 650 divided by 100 = 6.5

For positive odds, ie those with a + sign next to them, we simply add 100 to the American odds figure and then divide by 100. For example:

We are then left with a decimal figure which can be multiplied by a stake figure to calculate a return.. The right hand figure in fractional odds represents the stake while the left hand figure represents the winnings.

For example 12/5 would mean that a stake of 5 would result in winnings of 12, however with a different stake this isn’t easy to work out. This often means that working the odds can be tricky unless you understand what they are expressing.

Fractional odds, also known as English odds, are the oldest way of expressing odds and do so as a fraction. For minus odds we divide 100 by the American odds and add one

Jai Alai: Racquetball’s Thrilling High-Speed Cousin

The ball, called a pelota, is the hardest used in any sport. The first team to score so many points, usually either 7 or 9, wins the game.

As with similar games, it is played in a court with three walls. Because of the tremendous strain put on it, a pelota typically only lasts for about 20 minutes of play before the cover starts to come off.

Jai alai is a Basque word, meaning ‘merry festival’. This court is divided by fourteen parallel lines, numbered from the front of the court to the back. Louis.

If you like racquet ball, why not try (to watch) jai alai, racquet ball’s thrilling and high-speed cousin.

While jai alai is popular in France, Spain, and some Latin American countries, what little popularity it once had in the United States has fallen off. It is still played in a handful of frontons in Florida, where the law allows gamblers to bet on the sport.

Most courts are about half the length of a football field, 40 feet wide, and about 40 feet high. The game was given this name because it originated four centuries ago, with men throwing a ball against a church wall as an attraction during the annual festivals in the Basque region of Spain. These teams take turns, with the winner staying on the court and the loser moving to the end of the line each time a point is scored. A team scores when the opposing team fails to catch the ball in the air or after one bounce, holds or juggles the ball, fails to serve so that the ball lands between lines four and seven, throws the ball out-of-bounds, or interferes with an opposing player. This court is known as a fronton. (The Basque country is an autonomous region in the northern part of Spain.) With a ball that regularly flies around the court at over a hundred miles an hour, you might see why they make this claim. In fact, the fastest speed for a jai alai ball was recorded on August 3, 1979 in Newport, RI, when Jose Ramon Arietio made a shot that was clocked at 188 miles per hour. Just as with tennis or racquet ball, play starts with a serve, which must be returned by the other team. Between then and now, the speed of the game has increased, with the modern version introduced in Cuba in 1898, and then in the United States at the 1904 world’s fair held in St. But what is jai alai? Where did it come from?. This is done by catching the ball in the air or after one bounce and immediately throwing it in one fluid motion.

By Earl Hunsinger

You may play racquetball and you might have tried handball, but have you ever seen their high speed cousin, jai alai? Jai alai is promoted by the Basque government as the fastest game on Earth. A wicker basket is placed over the hand like a glove, and used to hurl a ball against the back wall of the fronton. This basket glove (called a xistera in Basque or a cesta-punta in Spanish) is long and curved, which is what allows the players to hurl the ball at such incredible speeds. The game is usually played with eight teams of players, with each team consisting of one or two people. It is about three fourths the size of a baseball, made of rubber and nylon, and covered in goat skin

Prevent Gambling Addiction: Understand Gambler’s Fallacy

No casino secret or betting system can ever overcome this fact.

What are the odds of flipping tails on a two-sided coin? 50%

Let’s say you flipped the coin ten times, and each of those times it was tails. “44 seems to get drawn more than any other number. It’s got to be coming up soon.” Hot numbers.

The reason behind the falsehood of the fallacy

Saying that you’re bound to win big eventually if you play long enough is false for, really, just one reason: inanimate objects don’t have memories. Washington’s face on that quarter doesn’t have a working brain. If you have lost $1,000,000 buying lottery tickets, not only have you wasted an ample amount of money, but you’d be foolish to think that by playing again, you’d be more likely to win. Many

people cannot ever enter a casino for the purpose of entertainment alone, and feel a compulsive need to win. Never bet more than you can afford, and never try to chase your losses. “17 hasn’t been drawn in over two years. People who do not understand this logical flaw often say things like, “I’m about due for a blackjack,” “The ball has landed on red seven times in a row – it’s gotta be black next,” and the ubiquitous, “Just one more spin!”

Although casino games can provide an exciting buzz, it’s important not to be swept up by this train of thought.

You see, it doesn’t matter what the previous outcomes were — it’s still 50/50. So, with all of this in mind, remember to bet responsibly. I’ll get a ticket with 44.” As you hopefully understand by now, none of those statements are true. It’s kind of silly when you think about it. And no matter what supposed “patterns” there may be in the draws, each is completely random and independent of previous outcomes.

But what about computerized games?

One specific point I would like to end on are video slot machines and other computerized casino games. So, what are the odds of flipping heads on the next flip? 50%

It’s quite a common, but sad, tale to hear: one of gambling addiction. A reputable online casino (essentially, one that obeys the laws), as well as a land-based casino, is required to make each spin completely random. Casinos cannot program these machines to payout every x games, and thus, they are no exception to the lie that is gambler’s fallacy.


From all this math-talk and examples, I hope you understand that, when in a casino, either an online casino or a land-based casino, each wager you make is independent of others, and having a losing streak doesn’t mean it will ever end. Crying “one more” too many times can lead to gambling addiction.. A common example of the fallacy

Probably the most prime example of gambler’s fallacy is in the lottery. Thousands of players, many who could be classed as having a gambling addiction, purchase tickets week after week, o

ften with various beliefs:The simple, “If I play long enough, I’m bound to win.” Cold numbers. Oftentimes, the basis for this gambling addiction lies within what is known as gambler’s fallacy.

What is “gambler’s fallacy”?

Gambler’s fallacy is, essentially, the statement that a gambling victory is “due.” Most people who visit a casino, I imagine, fall victim to the fallacy. The odds of that happening are about .09% — quite extraordinary

How to place your first football bet at a Las Vegas sportsbook like a pro

Again, CHECK YOUR TICKET FOR ACCURACY, thank the Ticket Writer and ask for a drink ticket and enjoy the game.

Or, find your team and bet number and walk up to the window and tell the Ticket Writer that you would like to place a $37 moneyline bet on #466 the Houston Texans. When straight betting or betting the spread that team must cover the spread. You win if they win by any number of points. Can you see why point spreads of 3, 7 and even 10 and 14 are extremely important? And to add to your stress, point spreads fluctuate up and down as the kick-off approaches. The bottom or second team listed is always the home team and has the home field advantage.Look at that point spread again. ALL bets must be placed BEFORE kickoff. Good choice, the Texans are 7 1/2 point favorites. Good Luck.

In Vegas for the weekend and you’d like to place a friendly wager on your favorite team but don’t know where (or how) to begin? Follow these simple step-by-step instructions and you’ll be able to walk up to the casino sportsbook window and place your first NFL or college football bet like a pro.

Stop by the book, short for sportsbook, and pick up the current week’s odds sheet for the sport (in this example NFL football) you are interested in. It can get you more drink tickets and even better service on your next visit.

Or, find your team and bet numbers for the game, walk up to the window and tell the ticket writer that you would like to bet $110 on the OVER (or UNDER) in the Texans/Dolphins game #465/466. Now, CHECK YOUR TICKET FOR ACCURACY and if you drink, ask for a drink ticket when you place your bet. Remember that OVERTIME COUNTS when betting totals.

Ready? Find your team and the bet number. Notice that the Texans are the ‘bottom’ team of the two teams listed. Las Vegas runs on tips and good service should be rewarded. This is optional when placing your bets, but a tradition when cashing your winning tickets. It is customary to bet in increments of $11 ($22, $33, $55,…$1100, etc.) when straight betting/point spread betting. Or for the same rates, you can bet that the COMBINED score will be UNDER 43 points. The -7 1/2 under the line column indicates the Texans are 7 1/2 point favorites. The point spread is always placed to the right of the team that is favored. This is the moneyline. Remember that IF your team wins AND covers the spread you will get back your original bet PLUS $10 for each $11 dollars bet. For your $110 bet you would get $210 back when you cash your winning ticket after the game. You can bet the moneyline, that is bet the Texans to win by laying $370 to win $100 + your $370 bet. Remember that teams that cover the point spread win. Walk up to the betting window and tell the Ticket Writer that you would like to straight bet or just bet $110 on #466. As above, CHECK YOUR TICKET FOR ACCURACY, thank the Ticket Writer and ask for a drink ticket and relax.

A few final notes. ALL bets must be placed in person, but you do not need to be in Vegas to win or collect. If the underdog Dolphins win outright, tie or lose by seven points (or less) the Dolphins are declared the winner for betting purposes and you lose. In this example, if you straight bet the Texans, they must win by EIGHT points or more in order for you to win your bet. The Texans are -370 and Dolphins +300. Each sportsbook (or group of sportsbooks) have established minimum bets and maximum bets, ask the Ticket Writer about minimum bets if you’re a Low Roller or maximum bet limits if you are a High Roller.

Now, go pick up your odds sheets, pick some winners and step up to the window. Or you could bet the Dolphins for $100 and win $300 + your $100 bet for a total of $400 back – IF the Dolphins win.Another way you can bet on this game is to bet the total. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKET. You can also view this information up above your head on the big, brightly lit boards, but it’s easier to grab a paper copy to study at your leisure.Find the team that you are convinced will win. Now find the corresponding bet number next to your team and circle it. You could just as easily bet $370 or $3700. Look back at your sheet under the M/L column. You just spent (invested) $110, you deserve a free cocktail.. Or $37 to win $10 + your $37 bet. Ask the sportsbook staff about mailing and cashing your winning tickets from out of state. In this example you have selected #466 the Houston Texans. The Texans are favorites, indicated by the (-) sign and the Dolphins are underdogs or ‘dogs’ indicated by the (+) sign. And finally, consider tipping the helpful Ticket Writer a dollar or two or ten. More on that in future articles.What if you still like the Texans to win but heard about some key player injuries or weather changes or other factors that could affect the team’s performance on Sunday? You are still convinced they will win but not sure if they will win by MORE than a touchdown. See the 43 in the total column? If you believe that both teams are healthy, happy and the weather will be perfect and you KNOW this game will be a high scoring game OVER 43 combined points, you can bet $11 (or $110) to win $10 + your $11 (or $100 + your $110) back

Latitude Group Teams With to Deliver a Live SEO Webinar on the Google Panda Update | Reuters

“This webinar is a great opportunity for our more than 12,500 members to interact with search specialists from Latitude, one of UK’s leading digital marketing companies, to get more out of their affiliate strategy.” The free webinar is scheduled for Thursday, July 7th, at 5pm GMT and is open to all but subject to space availability. Our whole approach is built on performance and our conversion analytics expertise ensures that, once visitors get to your site, they convert from prospects to customers. About is the Internet’s longest-running online gambling affiliate resource, featuring a geo-targeted directory of leading affiliate programs, an active community forum, exclusive commission deals for affiliates, industry news/articles, scam alerts, and many more tools designed to promote the success of online gambling affiliate programs. For more information, please visit Contacts: Latitude Group Pavitra Kumar Marketing Manager 0208 952 8003 Copyright 2011, Market Wire, All rights reserved. -0- . Lowery will explain to affiliate marketers the nature of the recent mind-bending changes in SEO and PPC resulting from Google’s Panda Update, implemented earlier in 2011. The webinar will explore why Google Panda was a necessary step in SEO, as well as steps affiliates can follow to regain lost search engine rankings and how to future proof your gaming affiliate strategy in 60 minutes. Richard Gregory, COO at Latitude said, “It’s exciting to be teaming up with CAP to deliver a live webinar to both our client bases and the affiliate world at large. There is a constant radical evolution within search and Latitude prides itself on being ahead of the curve.” “CAP prides itself on being the internet’s primary location for online gaming brands and affiliate marketers to come together,” said Warren Jolly, CEO of To reserve your spot, click Notes to Editor For enquiries regarding this press release please contact Pavitra Kumar, Marketing Manager at Latitude on 0208 952 8003 or email About Latitude Latitude is a leading digital marketing agency who deliver their expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), social media, online display advertising, affiliate marketing and conversion analytics to clients internationally including Tesco Mobile, bet365 and Fitness First. LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Jun 30 (MARKET WIRE) – Latitude Digital Marketing is excited to announce that it’s joining forces with CasinoAffiliatePrograms (CAP), the world’s largest online gaming affiliate marketing community, to deliver a cutting-edge webinar to the affiliate marketing world on 7th July at 5 pm GMT. Hosted by CAP’s Warren Jolly, the webinar will feature the expert advice of James Lowery, Head of Search at Latitude

Alleged gambling ring operators to return to court

Thank you for reading 8 free articles on our site. Biela, Gregory Czizek, John T. Liverman and Stanley Mazur were arrested in February for their alleged roles in the ongoing crime.

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MICHIGAN CITY Five men who allegedly ran an illegal gambling operation out of Michigan City for several years appeared in La Porte Superior Court 1 Thursday, at which time Judge Michael Bergerson scheduled them to reappear on May 19 to discuss the states motion to amend their charges, and again on June 16 for trial setting.

David J

Student: BYU used Honor Code to punish me for getting raped

In all Honor Code proceedings, the university strives for fairness, sensitivity and compassion, taking into account all mitigating facts and circumstances.”

2016 CBS Interactive Inc. It looks like you violated it.”

Police documents say the alleged rapist later admitted to Madi, over the phone, that he raped her.

She claims she was contacted by a woman in the school’s administration out of the blue, and that she never reported her rape directly to anyone in the school..

Worthen in his statement didn’t weigh in directly on whether rape victims should be vulnerable to Honor Code punishments, saying that both protecting victims and maintaining Mormon morals are important to the school.

Additionally, Barney has alleged the school unlawfully obtained the incident report about her rape because the alleged rapist’s friend was a sheriff’s deputy who turned it over to the school in revenge.

Madi told KUTV she was raped by a man she invited into her off-campus apartment in September of 2015. “Sometimes in the course of an investigation, facts come to light that a victim has engaged in prior Honor Code violations,” Worthen wrote. She says she never invited him into her bedroom (a no-no in the Honor Code) – where he raped her.

In an online petition she started that already has nearly 100,000 signatures titled “BYU: stop punishing victims of sexual assault,” Barney writes she initially waited four days to report her rape because she feared BYU would punish her somehow.

Barney said her goal in bringing attention to the situation is for victims of sexual assault to have immunity from Honor Code punishments.

Barney has filed an official federal complaint under the Title IX provision against the school for denying her access to services after she reported her rape to Provo police, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

PROVO, Utah- Student Madi Barney claims officials at Brigham Young University in Utah have used her charges of rape filed with the local sheriff’s department as an excuse to suspend her from school under the school’sstrict Mormon-influenced Honor Code, which forbids among other things coffee, gambling, homosexual behavior, and premarital sex.

In response to the uproar her case has created, BYU President Kevin Worthen released a public statement calling for “study of Title IX reporting processes and structure.”

“I am a survivor of rape, and now BYU has put my academic future on hold due to their allegations that I broke the Honor Code in the circumstances of my assault,” she writes.

“I felt re-victimized,” she told CBS affiliate KUTV. All Rights Reserved. “She only said we need to talk about the honor code. “The university recognizes the inherent tension, in some circumstances, in these two important parts of BYU’s efforts to create and maintain an atmosphere consistent with the ideals and principles of the Church

GBGC – Asia Has 10 of the World’s Largest Casinos



2. Venetian Macao 3.55 Macau 6. Marina Bay Sands 2.57 Singapore 10.

Warwick Bartlett, GBGCs Chief Executive said By contrast the entire casino industry of the United Kingdom produce a gross gaming yield of US$1.8 billion which would place all 146 casinos in only tenth position in the global top ten! Perhaps the time has come for the UK to review its archaic casino regulation and recognise that gambling tourism, particularly in London could become a major source of revenue for the UK. City Of Dreams 3.72 Macau 4. Macau


3. Canada


4. Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa occupy ninth and tenth position as the world highest grossing gambling casinos. Wynn Macau 3.59 Macau 5. Singapore


5. Australia


Some thirty nine states have casino gambling of some kind and twenty states have big stand alone casinos. MGM Macau 3.24 Macau 7. Resorts World Sentosa 1.76 Singapore

Crown Melbourne at $1.47 billion was nudged into eleventh place by Resorts World Sentosa (10th) but 12th Genting Highlands,13th Sands Macau, and 14th Kangwon Land from South Korea are all located in Asia.

. In many respects the comparisons are not fair because Las Vegas has diversified its product mix towards entertainment, food and beverage where the split is probably 55% entertainment and 45% gaming. Galaxy Macau 5.85 Macau 2.

Singapore with only two casinos is the fourth largest casino country by gambling revenue in the world.

Casino Gambling by Country

US$ millions

1. They have beaten all the casinos of Las Vegas and Australia according to the Isle of Man based Global Betting and Gaming Consultancy (GBGC)

The World’s Top Ten Casinos (ggy) 2014 Casino US$ billion Location 1.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Asia comprises of sixty percent of the world population and with a limited supply of gambling facilities it must come as no surprise that of the worlds biggest casinos by gambling revenue are located in Asia.

However the United States is still the largest casino market in world.

The top casino on the Vegas strip is the Wynn at US$0.69 billion. The casinos of Macau and Singapore occupy all of the top ten place. Star World 2.87 Macau 8. SJM Grand Lisboa 3.82 Macau 3. Sands Cotai 2.8 Macau 9