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By: Kain Black | Jan 20th 2016 – Get a 10 Risk Free Bet with this fantastic Sports Bonus. Register and Deposit to get this amazing Free 10 Risk Free Bet Now!

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By: Kain Black | Jan 5th 2016 – Get a 10 Risk Free Bet with this fantastic Sports Bonus. Register and Deposit to get this amazing Free 10 Risk Free Bet Now!

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How to Win At Sports Betting by Joney.tristan

Do not bet based on yourself drive but based on the knowledge you have on the game.

A good bettor should learn on how to win at sports betting by making use of the internet.

A good bettor should always learn how to play sports betting. Having your skills improve each time you bet is a good gear towards achieving massive money out of any betting sport. Without the knowledge of the odds you cannot be able to pick on a winning odd. It is good to keep in mind that having good betting skills will be the best winning strategy that will see you earn good cash. . It is good to learn on how to beat sports betting so that you earn more.

Betting is a gambling game. This will give you the crucial skills and experience needed to win the bets. Picking on the team you think has all it takes to be winner will be the crucial decision that will add value to your bet.

the participating odds on the game you want to bet. Try and work on your betting skills once you lose. Many people who have taken part in this game have ended up losing their money. Betting is a game where the chances of winning are equal to the chances of losing. When you are learning on how to win at sports betting it is good to know that the amount

When you are learning on how to win at sports betting, it is good to have knowledge of

of money you earn depends on the decision you make before you bet. You can only improve these skills if you are keen. However, as a bettor you should know that you should not win on every game you bet. This is a game where you are not aware of the tips to use to win or lose. You will have to know that each wager has risks.

Here, you will find some of the major tips you can apply when betting which will enable you bet on a winning team. This means that you should be able to make good decision that will see you win at the end of the game. You should have good knowledge on the game you are betting on. This will be a good way of

sharpening the betting skills. You should also know the bets and the payments to be given. Knowing how to win at sports betting will be the crucial step of making good earnings out of your bet.

A good bettor should learn on how to win at sports betting by getting a good system that

will guide them on the ways they can bet and win. If for example you are betting on football, you should have crucial information about football. Use the losing chance as a springboard of harnessing new betting skills. The designers of the gambling made it in such a way that the amount of money people win is less than the amount they make. Having the knowledge of the bets will enable you to be ready for the results. You should accept defeat because there is always a winner and a loser in any game

Sports Betting Arbitrage – Win Every Time You Bet

Arbitrage is zero risk and guaranteed profits – it is a high paying, very short term (a couple of hours) investment that will ALWAYS result in you walking away with a certain profit. With this Sports Betting Arbitrage Package you’ll learn how to:

There is simply nothing else like it in the world – we already know that the arbitrage technique has been used by banks and global traders for centuries – that’s great for them – but what about you?

Now 3.58% may seem like a small return but remember that it was totally certain, risk free, took only 2 hours to achieve and there was never a possibility of ever losing the money or not getting the profit. Victor Chandler saw Davenport to win at odds of 2/5 while Tote saw Clijsters at 3/1.

2. This is not gambling. Most of these bets take under 5 minutes to place online, and after the sporting event has finished you simply collect your profits and move on to the next arbitrage opportunity.

Does it surprise you that some people actually do this full time? It’s their work-from-home “J-O-B”! Wouldn’t it be nice to earn a living just by logging onto a couple of bookmakers, placing a few “sure bets” and walking away a few hours later with a guaranteed profit? You see, with sports arbitrage you’re taking advantage of the price differences that exist by betting on opposite sides of the same sporting event – so no matter who wins/loses/draws, you are guaranteed to come away with a risk free and guaranteed profit – every single time.


Now I’m going to prove it!

Kind regards,

Hopefully you are now starting to understand the potential of arbitrage trading. How much is that actually worth? I’m not sure I can even put a dollar value on it.

This is exactly how arbitrage opportunities are born. This explosively profitable little known secret that has been used by banks for centuries is now available to you thanks to the power of the Internet!

Are you ready now to learn and apply this incredibly simple technique to start earning money every day? Remember that you need no specialist knowledge on anything. Can you think of any other method in the world that offers such a return?

You’re going to be applying the concept of arbitrage to the world of online sports betting. You will literally be able to switch on your PC, visit a website that shows you today’s guaranteed returns, place your guaranteed risk free investment and collect your profits a couple of hours later.

At 2/5 the total amount to invest in Davenport to return $100 was $71.42. Apply the knowledge of arbitrage to hundreds of sporting events to make money, completely risk free and guaranteed. Use this incredible but simple investment technique to earn money for you everyday for as long as the internet is around, regardless of the economic climate or where you happen to live. You can use this method in the USA, UK, Australia, Asia, Europe…anywhere with an internet connection and PC. I have just shared with you an incredibly powerful formula to tap into a huge stream of wealth whenever you like – every single day. Make no mistake, there are people just like you who are making a huge monthly income (others use it as a nice little stress free, part time earner) from this wonderful little concept. It is the power of the internet that also gives you the chance to use arbitrage every day to make a lot of money with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The simple little method that you’re going to learn about is called “sports betting arbitrage” – an explosively profitable internet loophole that can be used by absolutely anyone with an internet connection & PC to make anywhere from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars a day. What you will need is a PC and internet connection and of course my powerful package which shows you step by step how to start earning immediately with sports betting arbitrage – and gives you a powerful website which spoon feeds you the best daily arbitrages – in real time. You can also do this from anywhere in the world, right from the comfort of your own home.

It could change your life!

You stumble across knowledge such as this perhaps once in a lifetime which, if applied, will give you an excellent daily income for life with minimal effort – this, like arbitrage itself is simply a mathematical certainty. It’s not only so simple that a child could understand, but it’s 100% legitimate and tax free (although please remember tax laws vary from country to country and over time.)

We’re now getting to the real interesting part. You can even do this from your beach house while sipping on a martini and enjoying the cool sea breeze on your face. . He believes the Internet gives ordinary people the opportunity to make extra-ordinary income working from home. I said earlier that there is nothing else quite like it in the world – that’s because this loophole/internet opportunity (call it what you like) is the only investment technique I have ever seen that makes a guaranteed, risk free profit in a few hours time without any chance of a loss. Before continuing let me make one thing absolutely clear – this is in no way a form of betting or gambling. It’s not even investing strictly speaking because with all of these things it’s possible that you can make a loss – but with sports arbitrage there is no possible chance of you ever losing – you know the exact profit you are going to make before the sporting event even kicks off. As you read on you’re going to discover rock-solid proof, not only on exactly how well this perfectly simple technique works, but also how it has the potential to effortlessly make you a lot of money, everyday, for just a few minutes of work.

So what about the guaranteed returns that you can expect on each investment? Well in general arbitrage opportunities will usually return anywhere between 3% and 15% on your investment (this is just a general guide however – arbitrage opportunities that pay 30%, 70% or even over 100% do exist and you will come by them sometimes – just not very often).

It is not betting or investing – it is a mathematical certainty brought about by the internet that you can use to make free money everyday – for the rest of your life. Can you see how this is guaranteed and risk free money? Absolutely anyone, if they knew about this could have made 3.58%, totally risk free on an amount of however much money they wanted to invest.

Rayzee has had an Internet presence since 1996 and specialises in thinking “outside of the box”. But the best thing is that not only is it 100% legal – but it can never be stopped and the number of opportunities that exist everyday are growing with the internet. First, you need absolutely no knowledge either of investment arbitrage or sporting events to make a certain, 100% guaranteed profit every day with this simple technique. Make money from day one with no requirement of any prior knowledge or further reading. At 3/1 the total amount to invest in Clijsters to return $100 was $25.

1. You need no knowledge of any sporting events at all – you’re effectively discovering how you can bet on both sides of a sporting event so no matter who wins, you’re guaranteed a definite fixed return on your investment.

It’s so simple that even a seven year old could understand it. There are literally thousands of these “Profit Loopholes” every single day, each paying between 3% & 90% on your investment - 100% risk free & guaranteed!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this letter – you must be quite curious right about now, but I bet very suspicious too. It can never be closed down (you’ll see exactly why in a minute) and as the internet grows (believe me, we’ve only seen the very tip of the internet iceberg to now) the opportunities to earn sure, risk-free money from this simple strategy will multiply by hundreds of times. As the number of online bookies has seriously increased over the last couple of years so the number of highly profitable arbitrage opportunities have exploded. A return of 3.58% within under 2 hours (this is a very conservative example). Again And Again - Guaranteed!

I have put together a package so you could actually be enjoying your first profits in just a few hours from now because you’ll actually receive free lifetime access to a website that gives a list of all available arbitrage opportunities everyday, and in realtime! This is a bonus that is almost priceless because it will help you harvest incredible profits every single day – for the rest of your life. It is the power of the internet that has brought this to your attention. Before continuing to read just remember two things. I mean “free money” is pretty much what we’re talking about right? It’s all a scam isn’t it because we all know there is no such thing? Well actually no – stick around for a few minutes and I’ll prove to you without a shadow of doubt that not only is this ”secret” (actually it’s an investment technique) very genuine, but a lot of individuals are using it to make tens, hundreds and even thousands of dollars/pounds/yen etc…every single day.

Before moving on are you worried that just because “arbitrage” is used by financial institutions that it will be somehow complex, difficult or require mathematical or specialist knowledge of some kind? Well let me tell you that this technique is so outrageously simple that even a 7 year old could understand it and use the one-step technique you’re about to learn to make piles of cash – from day one. It was a mathematical certainty. This is also the reason that it’s perfectly legal to profit from them, why they can never be closed down and why the opportunities will continue to grow explosively over the next few decades.

The fact is this information is priceless and is unheard of by most investors, let alone the general public. It is NOT betting.

Perhaps you’re concerned that it’s not legal? Let me assure you, this simple little method is perfectly legal – in fact huge investment banks listed in the stock exchanges that you probably own shares in use this exact same method every single day to sweep in millions of dollars for themselves. Let me repeat this – you will be placing sports bets in such a way that no matter what the outcome, you are guaranteed to profit, because you will be betting on all possible outcomes with different bookmakers so that no matter the result, you will get a guaranteed and risk free profit.

3. That’s very good news for us and I’ll explain more on this shortly.

Sports Betting Arbitrage – Win Every Time You Bet

by: Ray Fearnley

You Are About To Discover How To Get A Risk Free Return Of Between 3% and 90% In Just 2 Hours. That’s quite a claim but from the actual proof that you’re going to read below you’ll see why this is no exaggeration – there are literally hundreds of opportunities every single day for you to apply this technique and make as much free cash as you want. The key to the huge and regular arbitrage profits you’re going to be making by tonight is this – “there are huge differences in the opinions of bookmakers over the world, leading to a huge difference in how they price the same sporting event.”

Ray Fearnley

Get more information at

During Wimbledon 2001 the ladies singles match between Lindsay Davenport and Kim Clijsters was priced differently by bookies Victor Chandler and Tote. It is not trading. The second is that you cannot possibly ever lose using the almost embarrassingly easy one-step technique that you’re going to discover.

About The Author

But it gets even better you see, because this simple but money generating technique can never be monitored or regulated. Isn’t it better to use this amazing technique now rather than later?

As we saw above there are so many opportunities that come up it would be impossible to invest in all of them – the strategy is obviously to cherry pick the highest paying ones every day.

Did you know that there are now several thousands of online bookmakers all over the world? Everyday, in every country more and more continue to spring up (because lets face it betting is a huge industry with bookmakers keen to take the money of millions of hungry gamblers).

This article was posted on March 24, 2006

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Well the internet has thrown up a once-in-a-generation opportunity for just about anyone with an internet connection and PC to make heaps of cash every day by doing exactly the same thing. Betting is a very risky thing to do – sure a handful of few people may win at it but on the whole most people will always lose in the long term. I went with the above example because it is the lowest paying kind of arbitrage opportunity – I wanted to be conservative – but there are numerous arbitrage opportunities paying out 3%, 15%, 20% and more every single day.

This means that the total investment required to return $100 - whichever player wins – is just $96.42

Generate Profits On Sports Betting

These are sports betting systems, and sport handicapping services.

Millions of men and women participate in sports gambling every single day. Let’s say you might have $100. Systems like this usually have great success, you simply need to discover the proper program because you’ll find numerous scams in this industry. Exactly the same goes for sport handicappers. Precisely the same applies in gambling. Discover the correct 1, and also you can hit on 60% – 65% of your games, but acquiring a negative one-which is far more likely- and also you can drop your complete bank account.

It is best to also attempt and analyze your bets extremely completely and give them star ratings, or confidence ratings on a one star to five star scale. Lots of individuals drop tons and tons of revenue on the stock exchange, but countless people are millionaires as a result of it. The overwhelming consensus opinion is that it is impossible to win revenue from sports betting. A five star bet might be a $5 bet, whereas a two star bet might only be for $1. Just about every program in our society has inefficiency. When it really is accurate that it could be extremely complicated to make money on sports betting, it can be not impossible. This might be an all day activity, figuring a consensus around the game, also as maintaining up with injury reports. To remedy this, never ever bet more than 1% to 5% of your bankroll. Assuming you have accomplished your investigation appropriately, your five star bets need to permit you to make profit more than the one particular or two star losses that could possibly come.

. If gambling, or any other company have been completely effective, then there wouldn’t be any purpose for any one to gamble on sports.

As an example, an NBA betting method may possibly say that when a team loses 3 straight around the road and are at residence their subsequent game, bet the spread. If you’re at the moment failing to make a considerable profit in sports gambling, the key issue it is best to attempt and do is superior handle your bank account. You happen to be probably wagering among $10 and $25 per bet. For those who do not consider you are able to do this, then you can find unquestionably other possibilities. This will enable for sustainable growth more than time instead of immediate spikes or dips in your account.

But you need to produce positive you happen to be doing the proper research vital. Get far more information about Bet Sports

1 comparable could be the stock exchange. Shed a few bets and you happen to be completed

12 Effective Tips to Get Rid of Gambling Addiction

Analysis of casino customer data may help identify problem gamblers, but casino owners do not share this data for fear of losing their most lucrative customers (may be 25 – 50%). To experience the same excitement, he needs larger wagers or more frequent gambling.. Gambling addiction is referred to as ‘compulsive gambling’ or ‘impulse-control disorder’, where the behavior of the gambler is similar to that of a person who has substance addiction.

When an individual realizes that gambling is destroying his family and social life, he thinks of quitting, but in just a few hours or within a couple of days, he is again found in a gaming zone or casino. Addiction to gambling at a young age increases the risk of suicide. There are chances that he has other psychiatric problems at the same time; for example, substance use disorder, mood and anxiety disorder, personality disorder, etc. Here are some useful tips regarding lifestyle changes to get rid of a gambling addiction.

‘Problem gambling’, also known as ‘ludo mania’, can destroy the life of the gambler and also of his/her family members. Despite being aware of the serious negative consequences, or despite having a strong desire to quit, he cannot stop himself from gambling. But studies show that suicide attempts are usually made by older people with problem gambling. Researchers have noticed increased rates of mental health disorders in gamblers with severe ludo mania. When a gambler with severe ludo mania meets certain criteria, the condition is diagnosed as ‘clinical pathological gambling’. He may lose his job and may commit crimes to get money for gambling. As he spends more gambling, he requires more money to recover his losses. He lies to his family and friends, borrows money, and loses control over his mind and behavior. Study results show that a gambler who has not been treated for compulsive gambling during his desperation phase is likely to commit suicide

Politics :: 2008 Presidential Election Betting Hits The Online Sportsbook Campaign Trail (Page 1 of 2)

Representing a younger generation, Illinois Senator Barack Obama is the clear second choice at 5/2 with former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, 5/1, and as yet unannounced candidate, former Vice President Al Gore, offered from a low of 4/1 to a high of 10/1. Truman would defeat New York Governor Thomas E. Although she voted to authorize the Iraq war, a very unpopular position among party activists, New York Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton heads the list of Democrats, usually at odds around 4/5. Led by a President with record low approval ratings and saddled with an increasingly unpopular war in Iraq, the Republicans are clear underdogs to maintain control in 2008, usually listed as +140 underdogs (bet $100 to win $140). New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who widely is viewed as an ideal vice presidential choice, Senators Chris Dodd (CT) and Joe Biden (DE), former Senator Mike Gravel (Alaska) and Congressman Dennis Kucinich, are longshots.

Page 1 of 2 :: First | Last :: Prev | 1 2 | Next

. In fact, Las Vegas oddsmaker Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder gained fame and credibility (which later led to a spot on CBS’ NFL preview show) when, after noting that women did not trust men who wore mustaches, boldly predicted that underdog incumbent President Harry S. Or so the story goes. On the other hand, Democrats, with their base more energetic and independent voters tracking in their direction, are quoted as -160 favorites (bet $160 to win $100) to regain control of the Oval Office. The simplest way is to post a generic proposition on which party will win the White House. Generally, online sportsbooks attack the 2008 election in one of three ways. Dewey in the race for the Oval Office in 1948. The process, which should come to a conclusion when delegate-rich states such as California, New York and Florida vote next February, already is underway with 10 Republicans and eight Democrats vying for the prize. Each party field could grow and there also is the possibility for a fusion ticket or an independent candidacy.

Could someone unaligned with either of the major parties, such as an independent or a third party candidate, win? You can get +5250 on that remote possibility.

Yeah, right.

The irony is that Nevada sportsbooks do not accept wagers on elections. The often cited reason is not that, like entertainment award voting such as the Oscars, that someone knows the results of the balloting in advance, but that there is something queasy about mixing gambling and politics.

Election betting is not new.

Many online sportsbooks also boast separate future books for Democrats and Republicans.

Not that members of the sports betting industry needed it but when Chris Matthews, the loquacious and assertive host of MSNBC’s Hardball, quoted odds on the 2008 race for President of the United States, the practice of betting on elections gained a measure of acceptability.

Certainly, most online sportsbooks outside the jurisdiction of the Silver State have little difficulty in posting futures on who will win the next four-year lease at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

An Easy Remodeling Fix For Ugly Baseboard Heaters

This means that your heaters have to “run” for less time before the temperature on your thermostat is reached.

Although they are the most common type of heater found in US homes, one can hardly say the average baseboard heater is particularly attractive. As it turns out, in their originally installed form they are not that efficient either.

Aesthetically, the number of different styles of replacement baseboard heater cover available grows every day. Most of them are very similar in appearance; long metal things with a slightly adjustable cover that have no real personality or style to speak of at all.

From a practical standpoint a new baseboard heater cover offers a more efficient method by which to transfer heat into the room, as they have holes in the top rather than a tiny opening, allowing the heat to escape and fill the room far more quickly. They can be found in dozens of different color choices and even in some very attractive wood grain finishes.

Newer baseboard heater covers solve all these problems quite nicely though and the good news is that they will take an HVAC professional just a few minutes to fit.

The top portion of the standard baseboard heater covers opens up very slightly to help allow the heat being generated to transfer into the room. This system is in fact rather inefficient; the metal cover typically must heat up first to transfer additional heat to the room, which means wasted energy every time it is turned on.

Easy Fix For Ugly Baseboard Heaters. Although replacing your old baseboard heater’s cover with one of these new replacement covers may seem like a very insignificant remodeling tweak, we can guarantee that, once installed, they will make a bigger difference to the overall aesthetic appeal of your room as well as your energy bill than you could ever have imagined possible.

The biggest reason that baseboard heating is so widely used is that it is compact, fairly unobtrusive and easy to install

Bill Tilden by Molly Hale

In 1919-1920 he moved to Rhode Island near an indoor tennis court. He also went to England to play in Wimbledon and won three times there out of 6 attempts. He dropped out of college and began working on his tennis game, seeking to become a star.

Tilden was known for one of the most powerful serves in history. This would be an incredible feat considering he was using a wooden racquet that lacks in power in comparison to the racquets used by players today. He was never a star tennis player in his prep school and wasnt a good enough player to make his team in college. Though his serve could force weak returns, he never played much at the net, but rather preferred to play in the back court.

William Tatem Tilden II was born on February 10, 1893 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One can see that this was effective by the success that followed these efforts. Tilden began by practicing hitting against a backboard. Singles Tennis Championships each year, a record that he still holds today and went on to win it seven times total in his career. He was rumored to have hit a serve at 163 miles per hour. William would later take on the nickname Big Bill and become one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Things were not always wonderful for Big Bill from the beginning though. When he was just 15 years old his mother passed away and a short 4 years later his father followed in passing away. With the death of his parents and siblings he was alone. He was the first American ever to win at Wimbledon. . From 1920-1925 he won the U.S. Despite these setbacks he was dedicated to becoming a tennis player. This number is even higher than the modern record recorded by radar.

Tilden held the No. In 1953 he passed away at age 60.

Tildens tennis career did not start off so well either. The struggles of his life did not continue here however. This begun a life of struggle for Tilden and he spent the majority of his life living with his Aunt.

Tildens career began to take flight. Over time he won a few Canadian Doubles titles and began to move up the rankings. An AP poll named him the greatest player of the first half of the 20th century which is recognized by Professional Tennis Players from all around.

Tildens tennis career extended into his 40s even though he was a heavy smoker and paid little attention to health. He went through many heartaches, trials, and struggles on his path towards becoming one of the greatest athletes of the early 20th century.

Bill Tilden was born to a family that was plagued with the death of three of his older siblings. 1 ranking in the world for tennis players for seven years and dominated the tennis scene in the 1920s. On this court he sought to perfect his backhand shot, which had been a weak point in his game

Soccer Statistics – Past Results, Match Fixtures, Head-to-Head (H2H), Odds Comparison, Team Form

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Premium Football Tipster

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Experienced punters and traders always monitor the bookmakers’ odds to predict match results. Get all the live actions from soccer matches.

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Asian Handicap is popular in Europe and Asia nowadays.

Get the listings of soccer leagues and competitions for each region, including past seasons results and football statistics.

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Tigers Hire Brad Ausmus – But How Did Vegas Know it Would Happen?

He had known them very, very well, in fact. He’s a voracious student, and also possesses a near photographic memory, but it’s quite a stretch…do you think?…do you think?

Dombrowski is also quited as saying “I’d been hearing about Ausmus every day. Dombrowski received a question about the possibility of considering an inexperienced manager. The GM had explained that the next manager of the Tigers would most likely be well seasoned (to better handle the veteran, championship level team). But it hardly seemed likely. 

To know him is to love him

If Dombrowski does not interview Ausmus and Mr. Everything the odds makers accumulated – all the pertinent info about personality, diligence, intelligence, health and the unique ability to lead – will be smacking Dave Dombrowski in the face – from the lips and aura of the real life Brad Ausmus, in real time.

October 21, manager Jim Leyland retired from the Detroit Tigers. What on earth did Baltimore owner Carroll Rosenbloom see in this young man? You talk about flying under the radar – it wasn’t even turned on!

This lightning-like odds maker research was completed one day after leyland retired. The following is conjecture, but can we maybe call it “educated conjecture”? This is a probable scenario and puzzle piece in how they do business.

50 years ago Don Shula left the Detroit Lions to become coach of the Baltimore Colts. One of the all time greatest. Newspaper reporters characterized Dombrowski as “beaming”.

A road map to how Las Vegas does this

Since the hiring of Brad Ausmus, there has been a flurry of little stories by former and current players attesting to his significant virtues. Ausmus is hired elsewhere (extremely likely!) and becomes “a manager for the ages”, then this general manager has to hear reverberations from sports writers and local media for how long? (particularly if his “non Ausmus” hiring is unsuccessful)

The following day, October 22, online sports book Bovada –  Las Vegas had already set odds on the next Tiger skipper. It took a mere 24 hours to establish that Brad Ausmus was 4 to 1, Lloyd McClendon 9 to 2, Tom Brookens 5 to 1, Torey Lovullo 5 to 1, Gene Lamont 11 to 2. Neither of his first two candidates was named Brad Ausmus – was he going to get to him, or was Bovada – Las Vegas wrong? Dombrowski had never really met Brad Ausmus previously – unlike at least three of his other candidates. How did Dombrowski do a 180; an about face, and hire someone with zero managerial experience? How did Bovada – Las Vegas know he was more likely to do this, than anything else? How are odds makers consistently more accurate than sports reporters, TV media or fans?

Dave won’t merely like it – he’ll be loving it. A fact not commonly known, but Vegas assuredly knew it.

Las Vegas research also knew this: Once Ausmus is inevitably sitting across the desk from Dombrowski & company, in that interview setting – it will be a slam dunk. He was a 33 year old, three year defensive backfield coach. They were non mysteries.

On wonders if Dave Dombrowski has ever read that story.

An odds maker’s very job and livelihood depends on being ahead of the curve. The only one in history with a perfect undefeated season.

Provocative odds making

The researchers, quickly, but exhaustively study all these connections, their public comments, and total correlations to a given candidate. The candidate with the most “air tight case” would then receive the best odds in Vegas.

Dave Dombrowski moved on to the interview process. And they knew it.

Vegas odds makers have astute baseball researchers,  who will draft a list of “managerial suspects”. He saw something and it was some thing! Shula served him well, then went on to bigger fame with the Miami Dolphins – a coach for 36 years. It is clear now, after the fact, that Tiger bench coach Gene Lamont has had a strong bond with Ausmus since probably 2002 – and has been beating the drums for him. The persistent and perplexing question remained: “How did Vegas know he was the most likely choice, in terms of odds?

Dombrowski had no way out – He had to interview Ausmus. General manager Dave Dombrowski was at his side, at the press conference. They could even telephone them to collect private information. Why? The power and credibility of those breathing, walking, talking connections to Ausmus.

In the case of hiring this particular manager, there are a few clues. Their methodologies are quite secretive in most regards. (Among others)

Alas, voila, he soon did interview Ausmus, and a few days later he hired him. In turn, they’ll create a “tree of human connections”, all the people – past or present – that lead to Brad Ausmus, Lloyd McClendon, Tim Wallach or whoever is on the projected managerial possibility list.

Deja vu in favor of Detroit sports fans this time?

There should be a trophy for perceptiveness. After interviewing him, the GM said: “We were taken aback by just how impressive he was…it became clear to us that he would do an outstanding job”. They knew Dombrowski might want a very experienced manager – but he ain’t gonna get that – He ultimately will have to interview Brad Ausmus. As a total afterthought, he said: “You always have to leave the door open”