Nevada looks to cash in on online gambling resurgence

Goldman said of playing, “If I’m focused on just making as much money as possible, I would say online poker is probably your best bet. During the Civil War, soldiers played between battles. It’s been dealt in saloons and around kitchen tables.

Bree Goldman is one of the players on Breitling’s site. He explained, “It starts in Nevada, and then it goes to the rest of the country.”. It’s long been America’s most popular card game. The state set strict regulations: players must be 21; must be in Nevada, and must stake their funding up front.

(CBS News) Online gambling was almost a bust in the U.S., but now, players are being dealt in once again, and Nevada is cashing in.

Breitling’s partner in this high stakes poker venture: Ultimate Fighting Championship. Breitling’s website went online in Nevada last month and has already dealt two million hands to poker lovers.

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2013 CBS Interactive Inc. His website might look like a standard video game — old school even. Breitling started an online travel site that became Expedia.

For safety, Breitling created an ultra-safe website. “When I get home from work, I try to spend time with the kids and the family and the wife, and then to relax, I like to get online about 10 or 11 at night and wind down before bedtime,” he said. Now he’s hoping to do for poker what he did for travel: make it accessible online. Now, New Jersey and Delaware plan to roll out online gaming, and other states are considering it. You can play lots of different tables at once.”

Poker fanatic, James Placek, likes the casino, but likes online gaming better. The rules have since been reinterpreted, opening the door. He bought and sold Vegas’ Golden Nugget, making another $100 million. He sold it for $100 million profit. But Nevada was first. “So I mean, that’s a win, win.”

Breitling, chairman of Ultimate Gaming, said, “When a customer feels safe, then they are willing to spend their entertainment dollars with you.”

Unregulated poker flourished online for years until the federal government shut sites down in 2011 for violating interstate finance rules. He’s betting young fight fans will become poker fans.

With online poker expected to generate $400 million in Nevada in four years, Breitling’s betting other states will be at the table soon. But it’s new and it’s big. He said, “The core demographic for UFC is almost a perfect overlap with online poker — loves new technology, loves to play games, highly disposable income.”

Now, Internet entrepreneur Tom Breitling wants to have poker at any computer any hour, any day.

In Vegas, you can find a game of poker at any casino, any hour, any day. All Rights Reserved

Online Sports Betting taking East Africa by storm

The simplicity of the process is one of the contributing factors that has lured most people to online sport betting.

Online sport betting Bookmakers such as Sport Pesa, Royal Sport Betting, Just Bet and Bet yetu are some of the most popular betting companies around.

by Meshack Keicha,

Boxscore: NAIROBI, Kenya – December 21, 2015 – Online Sport betting is a relatively new phenomenon in East Africa as compared to other parts of the world. The region is now moving towards gambling like someone on a pilgrimage. In the avoidance of being labeled a prophet of doom, it is of great importance for all the concerned parties to be reminded of the looming danger facing sports from sports betting.

With the jack pot prize that run into hundreds of millions floated by bookmakers every week, it is hard to rule out the temptation of match fixing. Currently over 20 bookmakers have established their presence in the region, thus providing a wide range of opportunity to gamblers who can now choose where to place their bet and who to gamble with.

We cannot burry our heads in the sand about the negative impact that betting has caused to sports in some parts of the world.

Prospectively, online sport betting is here to stay but what is uncertain is the impact that is going to have. However in the few years of existence, it has worn the hearts and minds of not only the gamblers but also sports fans and the public at large more than anyone could have imagined before. Everywhere you turn the billboards scream out at you why you should start betting like yesterday.. I do agree with him because online sports betting is now spreading like wild fire in this region. Its as if betting has sneezed and the people are catching flu, yet they seem needles of a cure any time soon.

Ugly stories of match fixing that has been blamed on sports betting has been flowing from different parts of the world is some of the negative impact sport betting can have on sports.

The airwaves are filled with stories of big money betting winners and television prime time is covered with such advertisements.

To the bookmakers so far it seems they are in a win win situation and to the gamblers it is a win lose situation, but to sports in general the impact is yet to be determined.

Other than the presumption of winning large sums of money and the temptation of betting that is akin to an addiction, the bookmakers have embraced the art of advertising at its best. It is a matter of clicking a button right from placing your bet, to receiving your cash if you have won.

ands by millions. Whether positive or negative.

It is also worth noting that East African region is home to mobile banking and thus making it easy for gamblers to transact money without any inconvenience.

In matters business and profit, betting has proven to be a very lucrative investment for bookmakers who themselves gambled and took all the risks to invest in this region which had remained in the dark about betting some 10 to 15 years ago.

Some facts can be attributed to the spread of online betting in this region.

However sports and betting has to find a way to existing together without one affecting the other negatively.

Upon establishing its presence in Nairobi Kenya the CEO from one of the betting companies said that Sports betting has finally arrived at its destination. In this region where most sports is at its infancy in terms of growth and development as compared to other parts of the world, you can imagine what can happen if betting is going to take that crooked root.

Because of this, the process is faster, efficient and easy

Oklahoma vs. Baylor 2015 live TV, streaming info & NCAA football game odds

13 Fox Sports report, both teams will look to have a strong running game in order to try to grab this important victory. Both teams are still relevant as possible college football champions this season. Baylor, currently ranked at No. For Baylor it will be on the shoulders of Shock Linwood, while Oklahoma will look to Samaje Perine and Joe Mixon to get things going for their rushing game.

The Oklahoma vs. The 2015 NCAA football live online and televised matchup arrives through ABC and ESPN networks.

The point spread first opened at a touchdown in favor of the Bears, but since then its moved down to as low as 2-1/2 points in their favor at various sports books. ABC will present the live televised game coverage for U.S. The two Sooners backs have combined for 1,325 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns so far this season. Quarterback Jarrett Stidham came up big with 419 yards and three touchdowns on 23-for-33 passing.

Saturdays Oklahoma vs. Baylor live TV and streaming online game arrives in primetime Saturday night as part of the Week 11 NCAA football 2015 schedule. 6, is 8-0 and 5-0 in conference. Eastern Time. 12 team and just recently routed Iowa State by a final of 52-16. Whoever wins tonight will likely have the greater chance to get that spot, making this a crucial game at Baylor. Linwood rushed for 72 yards with Devin Chafin adding 39. Linwood has just under 300 yards less than that, and nine touchdowns on his own for the Bears.

Oklahoma enters the matchup as the No. For tonights live audio commentary, Sirius XM Satellite subscribers can listen via channel 80 for national coverage, or channels 84 and 119 for the home and away team coverage.

. They took down Kansas State in a close one, winning 31-24 last Thursday. Live streaming online feeds will be available on the WatchESPN/ESPN3 broadband sports network site or apps for customers of participating cable and satellite companies. Baylor game gets started at 8 p.m. Baker Mayfield came up big again with a 23-for-31 passing performance that resulted in 342 yards and three touchdowns, while Perine and Mixon each added TDs. Itll feature the Bears and Sooners in a battle of Big 12 opponents who both could still grab a college football playoff berth. viewers. On the moneyline, Baylor is priced at -140 while Oklahoma is +120 at online sports book 5Dimes. On the future odds, Baylor is fourth among favorites with odds of 15 to 1, while Oklahoma is sixth with odds of 20 to 1, tying them with in-state rivals, Oklahoma State.

According to a Nov